The 5 must-have small business tools you need to know about

In today's competitive world, the only way to achieve your business goals is by staying on top of the best tools on offer to get you where you need to go. These are the 5 must have small business tools you need to know about.


A smoothly designed Internet-based human resources software, GoCo allows you to transform your paperwork-heavy HR work into a streamlined, online system. Assisting you with HR administration tasks such as onboarding, payroll, compliance, time-off tracking, off-boarding and performance management, GoCo is a must-have business management app for all your HR needs.


Slack is pathing the way in professional employee communication software. This great little app makes sharing information, asking questions and discussing projects simple and easy to find by connecting team members all in one place with various streamed conversations which can be searched through to find the information you need at the click of a button.


GSuite is an encompassing system, offering a wide range of useful tools for any small business. Tracking analytics for your small business' website, setting up an email client and purchasing a domain has never been as easy as with the apps available through GSuite.


Intercom is a valuable tool not only for your small business but to your customers as well. This system allows you to engage with customers online via a live chat platform, eliminating the frustrating lack of communication between your business and the customer. It also offers educational information for your customers through your website.

Pencil in

This handy small business mobile app conveniently works for you by showing clients your business' services and allows them to book an appointment with you instantly. An inventive and secure way to attract more clients and increase bookings, Pencil in offers features such as online payment, class and appointment scheduling, setting cancellation and penalty rates and adjustable reminder timeframes.

Pencil in is much more than just a small business booking tool; we can also help you with your small business invoices, credit card payment and client billing. Download the app today and begin creating your business profile.