What business are Personal Trainers really in?

The continuously expanding digital age demands more from fitness service provider's than ever before - dietary plans, workout strategies, availability, and accountability are now an everyday expectation. Moreover, a customer's expectation can change with every new device and gadget the technology sector produces.

Personal trainers are just like Netflix, Spotify, Evernote! - They are in the subscription industry. Their business model relies on customers subscribing, not just doing a one-off session.

So how do they retain customers? Customer retention ultimately depends on how much value their service adds to the customer. How excellent is your customer service? A drop in your customer service means a decrease in your revenue stream, and you don't want that.

The understanding that the fitness service industry is a subscription service opens it to be critiqued and evaluated against every other subscription service. In the last three years, subscription services have picked up their game when it comes to customer service; technology has disrupted almost every industry out there. PT's also need to raise the bar of how they do business to meet the customer's ever-changing needs and wants when it comes to the subscription economy.

Customer service, which leads to higher customer retention, must be at the forefront of every business decision Personal Trainers make. They too must use technology to speak the language the customers want to hear.

Before, personal trainers would meet clients, provide them with direction on their fitness goals and engage in a one-on-one, or face-to-face, business style transaction. Nowadays, customers expect frictionless processes. The day to day business tasks should be automated. Clients hope to see the availability of schedules, service offerings, and payment methods at a click or slide of their finger.